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Stephanie has been doing Genealogy since 1985, for over 20 years.

She specializes in Genealogy research done in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The Professional Credentials of Stephanie Lantiere

Stephanie Lantiere has been active in a number of organizations relating to genealogy (Family History), taking leadership roles in many of them. She is a member of:

  • Association for Gravestone Studies
  • Avery Memorial Association (Lifetime Member)
  • Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council
  • Connecticut Society of Genealogists
  • DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)
  • Daughters of 1812
  • Daughters of the American Colonists
  • Daughters of Colonial Wars
  • Massachusetts Genealogical Council
  • Mayflower Society
  • National Society of Genealogists
  • Naugatuck Valley Genealogy Club (Its first President)
  • New England Historical and Genealogical Society
  • New York Biographical and Genealogical Society
  • Watertown Historical Society

She currently holds the offices of:

  • President, Avery Memorial Association
  • Past President, Naugatuck Valley Genealogy Club
  • Past Family Genealogist, Avery Memorial Association
  • Board Member, Connecticut Society of Genealogists
  • Chairperson of Connecticut Society of Genealogists Literary Awards
  • Past Board Member, Connecticut Gravestone Network
  • Past Assistant Registrar, Trumbull-Porter Chapter DAR
  • Assistant Registrar, Mary Clap Wooster Chapter DAR
  • Past State Chairperson, American Heritage Committee DAR
  • State Chairperson, Public Relations and Media DAR
  • State Chairperson, Chapter Development and Chapter Revitalization DAR
  • State Chairperson Public Relations Daughters of the American Colonists
  • Registrar for Daughters of 1812

Some of the DAR AWARDS she has received include:

  • NATIONAL - First Place - Outstanding Public Relations Narrative - 2005
  • NATIONAL - First Place - Best Chapter Essay, American Heritage - 2003
  • NATIONAL - First Runner Up - Best State Report American Heritage - 2005
  • NATIONAL - Third Place - Best Historic Preservation Project - 2002
  • NORTHEAST - First Place - Best Chapter Report, American Heritage - 2002
  • NORTHEAST - First Place - Best Chapter Narrative, Public Relations - 2005
  • NORTHEAST - First Place - Best State Chairman Report - American Heritage 2005 & 2006

She has published:

  • "THE AVERY ADVOCATE" - an Avery Family Quarterly Newsletter, which ran for eight years (1992 - 2000).
  • "THE AVERY MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION ~ 100 YEARS OF HISTORY" - a book published in 2001, which outlines the history of the Association, and also includes reproductions of dozens of old newspaper articles.
  • "THE AVERY NEWSLETER" - the 3-times-a-year newsletter for the Avery Memorial Association, from 2006 to present.

She has also:

  • Worked on the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Avery Memorial Association.
  • In the year 2000, created the Avery Memorial Association's first web site.
  • Given a Tour of the Ebenezer Avery House for a Minor Family Reunion.
  • Given Cemetery Tours.
  • Given talks about cemeteries.
  • Given talks on Public Relations.
  • Given genealogy workshops for prospective DAR members.
  • Given beginners workshops for new genealogists.
  • School Project Leader to Clean and Document gravestones.
  • Written grants for the Trumbull-Porter Chapter DAR and received many grants for the chapter.
  • Served on many DAR committees, including Publicity (Chairperson), Cemetery (Assistant Chairperson), Veterans, Program, Scholarship and Genealogical Records, DAR Good Citizens, National Defense, American Heritage.
  • Taken and passed the National Society of Genealogists Course.
  • Taken and passed the Connecticut State Library Exam to be put on the list of Professionals familiar with the Connecticut State Library.
  • Received an "Honorary Doctor of Genealogy" certificate from the Naugatuck Valley Genealogy Club.

Personal:Stephanie is an 11th generation Avery and has been able to trace five of her ancestors back to their service in the Revolutionary War. She has been married to Joseph Lantiere since 1978, residing in Oakville, CT. She has two 2 Associates Degrees: one in Marketing and one in Computer Science. In 2004, she retired after thirty years with Southern New England Telephone.

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