(above) The Roman god Mercury is considered by many to be the god of magic,
messages, divination, good luck, commercial success and the fine arts.
He is shown holding the caduceus (magic wand) in his left hand.

Sorry but due to ill health, the school is no longer in business!

Joe Lantiere's "Mercury School of Magic™" is hidden in a small cottage based in the beautiful village of Oakville in Connecticut USA. It is a high quality professional magic school specializing in Close-Up Magic and Sleight of Hand.

Anyone who is really interested, aged 13 and older, from the part-time hobbyist to those who want to become serious students of magic, can learn and master the secrets of magic. I am proud to offer the best magic instruction service to qualified students in the Waterbury, CT metropolitan area.

All lessons are customized depending on the age, capabilities and interests of each student.

Lessons include:
Basic Close-Up Card Magic (No Sleight-of-hand required)
Advanced Close-Up Card & Coin Magic (Sleight-of-hand required)
Stage Card & Coin Manipulation (Sleight-of-hand required)
General Close-Up Magic with Rings, Rope, Balls, Handkerchiefs and much more!

During these unique lessons, I will also be giving you valuable advice on misdirection, angles, "setting the stage," audience control, routining, practice, rehearsal, showmanship and presentation.

I have had many years of practical experience, and give private* one-to-one magic lessons in a wide range of magical skills, learned at your own pace. This is training at its very best. Everything I teach is in regular use by working professionals. [*Note: All children (under 18 years old) must be accompanied by an adult parent at all times, unless other arrangements are made.] Personal instruction is always the best way to learn!

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